Sweepstakes Horror Stories

Promoting sweepstakes and contests are an excellent way to engage your customer, but always keep in mind that these promotions are heavily regulated by federal and state laws.   Here are some of the key points to keep in mind when promoting a sweepstakes or contest: Don’t charge anyone for entering into a sweepstakes, otherwise […]

The FTC Robocall Challenge: Innovative, but Ultimately Ineffective

On Thursday, October 18th, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) held a “Robocall Summit” to address the issue of illegal robocalls.  The summit consisted of several panel discussions that discussed the history and legal framework of automated voice messages, and the technical challenges of combatting their illegal use.  The summit was attended by telecommunications professionals, attorneys, […]

Employers: Protect Against Textual Harassment

  In keeping with the ever-changing ways in which we communicate, texting can now be deemed as conduct constituting sexual harassment in the workplace.   Lawsuits involving texts between co-workers have begun to appear, and have given birth to a new addition to the legal lexicon: “Textual Harassment.” This recent spate of lawsuits make it […]