Additional TCPA Battle Reports

The vicious TCPA war being fought in the courts shows no sign of slowing.  As a follow up to a previous post, here is a summary of a few recent battles: Victory for Defendant: Marks v. Crunch San Diego, LLC In what has become a depressing pattern, health club company Crunch was hit with a […]

Executives Beware: Personal Liability for False Advertising is a Distinct Possibility

At the annual conference of the National Advertising Division, FTC attorneys and Commissioners made it clear that corporate officers may face personal liability if their companies engage in false advertising. Lesley A. Fair, a senior attorney in the Division of Consumer Protection and Business Education, warned advertisers about the potential for personal liability and cited […]

FTC Cracks Down on Advertisers

The Federal Trade Commission recently announced  that it sent warning letters to over 60 national advertisers in connection with a recent national initiative that goes by the (distinctly ominous) name “Operation Full Disclosure.”  The letters alleged that the advertisers failed to make adequate disclosures in wide variety of print and television advertisements, including ads for personal care […]

Plaintiffs win a String of Victories in the TCPA war

The explosion of class action lawsuits filed against businesses under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) bears comparison a bitter and bloody war, complete with brutal battles resulting in glorious victories and shattering defeats.   [heading]The Illinois Front[/heading] Three recent skirmishes in Illinois resulted in victories for the Plaintiffs.  One ruling certified classes of almost 1 million […]