Entertainment Law

Film and television are highly specialized industries.  Filmmakers need an attorney who understands those industries, and can help negotiate the unique deals and specialized agreements routinely used by production companies.

Success Takes More Than Talent

Making a successful film requires more than great ideas and creative energy.It requires good connections.  It requires superior organization.  It requires focused discipline.It requires talented artists.It requires sound advice. It requires money.  We know all this.  That’s why we offer filmmakers much more than solid legal advice.  We offer a solid network of talented and experienced professionals who can help bring any creative film project to fruition. Screenplay Development.  Production Assistance.  Storyboard Preparation.  Website Design.  Accounting.  Legal.  We make certain our clients have all their basis covered.

Customized Services

The following is but a sample of the legal services we provide to our film industry clients:

  • Production company formation
  • Preparation of financing and investor solicitation documents
  • Preparation of retention agreements for cast, crew, and acting talent
  • Preparation of screenplay clearance reports
  • Copyright and other intellectual property protection
  • Advice on working with unions and contractors
  • Establishment of escrow and operating accounts

Creative Collaborations

We have discovered that one of the most useful contributions we can make towards our clients success is to help establish creative partnerships and other collaborative efforts between our clients.

About our Fees

We provide these and many other services at rates that are surprisingly affordable.  We try to avoid hourly fees, and offer scaled fees that fit into any production budget.

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