Flat Rate Services

An Affordable Alternative to the Billable Hour

Affordable. Predictable. Professional.

Do you need help from an experienced attorney, but can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars an hour?  You’re certainly not alone.  Because we want every business owner to have access to quality legal representation, we offer a wide array of legal services at low flat rates.  This method of delivering a specific and discrete legal service at a set price is known as unbundling, and it’s an ideal way to get the legal representation you need without a huge bill.

Unbundling specific legal services enables us to provide them at a reduced cost, which makes it a lot easier for you to fit it into your budget.   If you’re interested in receiving a wider range of legal services at a reduced cost, consider our in-house counsel service.

Flat Rate Contract Services

Contract Review

Service includes:
– Fifteen minute consultation
– Legal review of contract
– Recommendations

Contract Drafting

Service includes:
– Half hour consultation
– Preparation of first draft
– Review of first draft
– One redraft

Contract Negotiation

Service Includes:
– One hour consultation
– Meeting with other party
– Follow up consultation
– Draft preparation and review

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Flat Rate Incorporation Services

Formation Package

Formation Package includes:
– Initial Consultation
– Preparation and filing of Articles


Basic Package

Basic Package includes:
– Initial Consultation
– Preparation and filing of Articles
– Bylaws/Operating Agreement
– Initial Minutes

Enhanced Package

Enhanced Package includes:
– All Basic Package services
– FBN Statement Filing (if applicable)
– Initial stock issuance
– One year resident agent service

Complete Package

Complete package includes:
– All Enhanced Package services
– Corporate book
– Share certificates
– 1 month In-House Counsel Service

Additional Flat Rate Services

Compliance Review

Complete review of all policies and procedures to ensure compliance with   all state and federal regulations that apply to the business, including OSHA, FTC, FCC, PUC, KYC, etc.

Form Review

Review of all business forms, including sales contracts, invoices, order forms, employment agreements, online forms, etc. to ensure legality and enforceability.  Redrafts as needed.

Trademark & Copyright

Examination of proposed trademark/copyright; state and federal trademark search, and registration of trademark at the federal and/or state level.

Website Audit

Complete audit of website or app; prepare appropriate privacy policy, terms & conditions, disclaimers, and other applicable documents to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

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