Corporate Law Services

Business PlanningWe’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to form corporations, LLCs, general partnerships, limited partnerships, offshore subsidiaries, and non-profit organizations all over the US and the rest of the globe.  

We help our clients secure tax ID numbers, establish bank accounts, ACH and merchant accounts, register share certificates, you obtain licenses and permits, draft employment agreements, and negotiate property and equipment leases. We draft customized corporate bylaws, shareholder agreements, and partnership agreements to ensure that everyone involved knows what’s expected of them.

Unlike online incorporation companies, our corporate services extend well beyond establishing your business entity.  In order to derive the maximum benefit afforded by the corporate shield, you must manage your corporation properly.

To that end, we provide our clients with ongoing corporate governance services.  We organize board of director and board committee meetings, send out notices, and prepare minutes, resolutions, and board materials.

We also help our clients to train their own officers and directors on matters of corporate governance, and compliant business practices.

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