Nonprofit Law Services

Are you looking to establish a nonprofit organization for charitable, religious, or educational purposes, or want to establish a nonprofit association for your group?  Regardless of the reason behind your goal, there are some significant legal hurdles that must be overcome before making your nonprofit vision a reality.

While the undertaking is in many ways like establishing a for-profit business, there are very important differences.  To ensure the success of your nonprofit, it must be carefully planned and executed, with no step ignored. 

We can help you determine the proper form your organization should take.  Should it be a corporation, a trust, or an unincorporated association?  Should it be a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization?  How will its operations be financed?  

We provide practical advice and guidance on the many state and federal regulations governing nonprofit organizations, including corporate, tax, and fund-raising laws.  We also provide assistance with reporting revenue, avoiding  personal liability, employee compensation, and general operational matters. 

Contact us to discuss your nonprofit vision. 


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