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Mr. Heyman is an adept strategist, on top of being a highly competent attorney. With an entrepreneurial mind, he was able to see ahead and anticipate roadblocks, as well as be trusted to draft uncomplicated agreements which save time and money.

Scott M.
President, Phabriq

Deals Done Right

We help business owners and entrepreneurs negotiate and close transactions that help their companies grow.  Our extensive experience in this area helps ensure tight and enforceable contracts, solid contract administration, and comprehensive management policies and practices.

We’re proud to have assisted clients to close deals that have resulted in millions of dollars in revenue and profit.

An Objective Viewpoint

One of the more important aspects of a business transaction that too many business owners ignore is whether the deal is right for their business.  Sure, it may look great on paper, but most business owners find it difficult if not impossible to view the prospective arrangement from a purely objective viewpoint.

One of our key roles in any transactional situation is to provide you with that objective viewpoint- to serve as a second set of eyes, to help you see the deal from a different perspective so that you can truly make an informed decision.

Research beyond the business plan

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