Without clear, concise, and enforceable contracts, any business is doomed to fail. Nearly every relationship your company has is governed by some type of contract.  If those contracts are not set forth in a well-drafted document, the chances are good that you’ll wind up in court.

Avoid Handshake Deals

It’s an all-too-common practice for business owners to enter into informal, unwritten arrangements with service providers, contractors, and other owners of the business.  Over the course of the past few decades, we’ve seen hundreds of those “handshake deals” turn sour, leaving the parties without recourse.  It’s easy to avoid this- we’ve negotiated, drafted, and reviewed hundreds of contracts of every nature and description, and when we draft one, our client can rest assured that it will be airtight and enforceable.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our clients with contracts that will help them achieve t heir business goals while protecting their interests to the greatest possible extent by eliminating the risks brought about by confusing and ambiguous terms.

Just of a few of the specific types of contracts that we can provide include sales contracts, leases, employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, partnership and shareholder agreements, personal guarantees, promissory notes, purchase orders and joint venture agreements.

We can also help you to develop and automate form contracts for every aspect of your business.

how can we help you?

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Mr. Heyman is an adept strategist, on top of being a highly competent attorney. With an entrepreneurial mind, he was able to see ahead and anticipate roadblocks, as well as be trusted to draft uncomplicated agreements which save time and money.

Scott M.
President, Phabriq
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