Marketing Program Review and Clearance

We keep our clients on the right side of an often hazy line between effectiveness and safety by helping to ensure that their advertising copy and marketing programs comply with government regulations and industry standards.  We’ve reviewed nearly every manner of internet, television, print, radio, direct mail, social media, mobile, and telemarketing campaign.  

By running it past us prior to launching, we’ve helped our clients avoid a multitude of potential disasters.

Marketing Agreements

With 20+ years of experience drafting and negotiating clear, concise, and comprehensive marketing agreements, we’ve helped our clients prosper by avoiding the ambiguity and confusion that leads to litigation.  Please contact us to discuss your contractual needs.

  • Partnership and affiliate agreements;
  • Licensing agreements;
  • List brokering agreements, mailing list rental agreements, list rental and management agreements;
  • Lead generation agreements;
  • Advertising and promotional agreements, vendor and supplier agreements, independent contractor agreements; and
  • Contest and sweepstakes administration and management agreements.

Marketing Promotions

We’ve helped clients structure hundreds of promotional campaigns, such as sweepstakes, contests, and games to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations without sacrificing results.  Let us help you:

  • Create an effective and compliant sweepstakes promotion;
  • Review promotional marketing advertising copy;
  • Draft sweepstakes rules and disclosures, terms and conditions;
  • Advise on privacy and data collection concerns;
  • Prepare affidavits and releases, and submit winners lists to appropriate governmental entities;
  • Handle legal issues relating to sponsorship and licensing contracts; and
  • Draft prize fulfillment agreements.

how can we help you?

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Mr. Heyman is an adept strategist, on top of being a highly competent attorney. With an entrepreneurial mind, he was able to see ahead and anticipate roadblocks, as well as be trusted to draft uncomplicated agreements which save time and money.

Scott M.
President, Phabriq

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